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High surface selectivity of atmospheric pressure plasma treatment was demonstrated experimentally by XPS depth profile measurement of plasma-activated beech wood. Wood surface activated by diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge was sequentially sputtered by Ar+ ion beam followed by immediate XPS analysis of freshly uncovered surface. According to the(More)
This research is on a new development towards three-dimensional surfaces for wood-based panels, i.e., particleboards (PB). By imprinting a self-designed stainless steel grid on both sides of PB the following research questions were investigated: (1) feasability of the 3D-pattern imprintment during hotpressing of resinated PB furnishes, (2) assessment of(More)
The utilization of Social media tools in business enterprises has tremendously increased with an increased number of users and a corresponding upsurge in time spent online. Online social media services such as Facebook and Twitter are used by companies to introduce new products and services, provide various supports and interact with customers on daily(More)
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