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c-Myb, known to play a central role in hematopoiesis, is also an important factor involved in myogenesis. Here, we found that the c-myb gene is expressed in proliferating C2C12 myoblasts and turned off in differentiating cells. Detailed analysis of c-myb RNAs revealed that the cell density is the essential factor determining c-myb expression. Both c-myb and(More)
Analysis of c-myb gene down-regulation in differentiating C212 cells revealed that in proliferating cells, c-myb expression is high and ceases as the proliferation rate decreases. However, a low level of c-myb mRNA was detected in confluent non-proliferating differentiating cells for an extended period of time before it declined to an undetectable level.(More)
A method, instrumentation used and results of calibration and testing of tri-axial magnetometers, accelerometers and also possibly gyroscopes are presented. The method is based on a scalar calibration technique with the use of an innovative computer controllable non-magnetic platform [1]. The speed, precision, comfort and repeatability of the measurement(More)
Satellite cells represent a heterogeneous population of stem and progenitor cells responsible for muscle growth, repair and regeneration. We investigated whether c-Myb could play a role in satellite cell biology because our previous results using satellite cell-derived mouse myoblast cell line C2C12 showed that c-Myb was expressed in growing cells and(More)
The paper describes how to use the image specific segments in search. Particularly it refers to the coins photos, which means we need to regard rotations and different deformations of the images. Possibilities of the images preprocessing are briefly described in the introduction. A great number of images which seems the same at first glance, but differs in(More)
The transcription factor c-Myb is required for modulation of progenitor cells in several tissues, including skeletal muscle and its upregulation is observed in many human malignancies. Rhabdomyosarcomas (RMS) are a heterogeneous group of mesodermal tumors with features of developing skeletal muscle. Several miRNAs are downregulated in RMS, including(More)
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