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It is well known that destructive effects of high-speed water jets can be enhanced by generation of pulsating water jets (see e.g. [1]). The pulsating water jets are generated by sufficiently high pressure pulsations in pressure water upstream the nozzle exit. Pressure pulsations change into velocity pulsations in the nozzle and the jet emerges from the(More)
Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) is the dominant binder in the construction industry with a global production that currently reaches a total of 3 Gt per year. As a consequence, the cement industry’s contribution to the total worldwide CO 2 emissions is of about 7% of the total emissions. Publications on the field of alkali-activated binders (also termed(More)
Obesity infl uences the psychosocial sphere of children and adolescents in a negative way. The psychological effects of being overweight are profound and complicated. Obese children more often than their peers suffer from the low self-esteem and discrimination among colleagues. They are unable to act as quickly or easily as other children. This in turn(More)
1 Development and applications of new materials in mechanical engineering practice bring a lot of questions concerning their technological treatment. Nowadays classical machining of these materials is complemented by new technologies. The machining of materials by an abrasive waterjet (AWJ) represents one of such relatively new and progressive methods. AWJ(More)
Due to the world economic crisis, industrial sector records a decrease in production. As the result of the crisis, many manufacturing companies seek to minimize their costs, in order to maintain a competitive presence on the market. One of the first operations in the manufacture of components is the cutting of materials. Historically, the development of(More)
Original scientific paper The paper deals with the topic of the determination of erosion effects of a pulsating water jet impinging the surface of aluminium alloy samples treated by various techniques (rough and fine milling, planing and rolling). The influence of the initial surface topography on the final topography of the sample exposed to the pulsating(More)
BACKGROUND There is medium correlation between the current anthropometric method and the radiography in the angle of hallux valgus (AoH) measurement, so this study aimed at designing a reliable and more accurate approach to measure the AoH (AoH). MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifteen age, body weight, and height matched male students were included and those with(More)
Original scientific paper To be able to optimize the design of the abrasive cutting head using the numerical simulation, it is necessary to gather as much information about processes occurring in the cutting head as possible. The development of numerical model of processes occurring in the abrasive water jet cutting head during the process of creation and(More)
  • Ján Kmeč, Pavol Hreha, +7 authors Josip Cumin
  • 2010
Trenuta The major developments in the new types of munitions started after the 2 World War and at the beginning of the "Cold War". During this time, the two world powers, the USA and the USSR, were competing regarding the number of produced munitions and their modernization. Later on, what to do with thousands of tons of surplus munitions has become a(More)
Plantar pressures in TypeIIdiabetic patients and control adults during normal walking were compared in this study. A total of 70 (45♀+25♂) type 2 diabetic patients without neuropathy (aged 63.6±7.6 years; BMI 24.3±2.9; duration of diabetes 12.3±6.9 years) and 70 (45♀+25♂) non-diabetic adults (aged 62.5±8.6 years; BMI 22.4±2.5) in China were recruited.(More)