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Three-dimensional surface technologies particularly close range photogrammetry and optical surface scanning have recently advanced into affordable, flexible and accurate techniques. Forensic postmortem investigation as performed on a daily basis, however, has not yet fully benefited from their potentials. In the present paper, we tested two approaches to 3D(More)
Amussat's sign is typically a transverse laceration of the intimal layer of carotid arteries described in cases of hanging. Subtotal laceration of the carotid artery is not strictly specific for hanging and can be also caused by blunt neck trauma, extreme overstretching, or whiplash-injuries. In a prospective autopsy study of 178 cases of hanging, Amussat's(More)
UNLABELLED Suicides are divided into simple and complex suicides. Complex suicides are further classified as primary (planned) and secondary (unplanned) complex suicides. The term "complex suicide" refers to a suicide in which more than one suicide method is applied. In primary complex suicide several methods of suicide are employed simultaneously (two and(More)
The phenomenon of eponymous terms in forensic pathology is described in this paper. The authors analyzed representative textbooks (monographs) dealing with forensic pathology in both English and German and identified several eponymous terms. The paper aims to present to the reader the most important eponymous terms in forensic pathology. Included in the(More)
The identification of hypothermia as the cause of death has always been somewhat problematic in forensic pathology because of unspecific, inconstant, or even negative macroscopic and microscopic findings. Though the simultaneous presence of frost erythema, Wischnewski spots, hemorrhages into the synovial membrane, bloody discoloration of synovial fluid of(More)
Simon's hemorrhages are ventral intervertebral hemorrhages located beneath the anterior longitudinal ligament that have been described in cases of hanging and tend to appear in the lumbar region of the spine. There are also reports of Simon's hemorrhages in cases of blunt trauma, asphyxia, drowning, and putrefaction. In a prospective analysis of 2226(More)
The hyoid bone is characterized by sexually dimorphic features, enabling it to occasionally be used in the sex determination aspect of establishing the biological profile in skeletal remains. Based on a sample of 298 fused and non-fused hyoid bones, the present paper compares several methodological approaches to sexing human hyoid bones in order to test the(More)
A rare case of a big cat fatal attack is presented. A male leopard that had escaped from its unlocked cage attacked a 26-year-old male zoo worker. The man sustained penetrating injuries to the neck with consequent external bleeding. The man died while being transported to the hospital as a result of the injuries sustained. The wounds discovered on the(More)