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Part of Special Issue " 1st European Space Weather Week (ESWW) " Abstract. Whereas geomagnetically induced currents are a source of problems for technological systems mainly at high geomagnetic latitudes, strong geomagnetic disturbances can have quite strong effects even at mid-latitudes. This paper deals with the analysis of the pipe-to-soil (P/S) voltage(More)
A framework for the next generation machinery monitoring and diagnostic systems is being addressed through the OSA-CBM development team. This framework employs the use of an open system architecture standard that uses a distributed software model approach. A distributed software model was selected due to the recent emergence of enabling software(More)
The incidence detection problem is considered for objects moving in a 2D space. Its fast computation is achieved be the approximation of objects route by segments with the limited degree of location function. This allows to compute emergent events with a given tolerance avoiding iteration methods. It is also shown how to use this approach in discrete event(More)
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