Petr Hejda

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A framework for the next generation machinery monitoring and diagnostic systems is being addressed through the OSA-CBM development team. This framework employs the use of an open system architecture standard that uses a distributed software model approach. A distributed software model was selected due to the recent emergence of enabling software(More)
Whereas geomagnetically induced currents are a source of problems for technological systems mainly at high geomagnetic latitudes, strong geomagnetic disturbances can have quite strong effects even at mid-latitudes. This paper deals with the analysis of the pipe-to-soil (P/S) voltage measured in oil pipelines in the Czech Republic during the Halloween(More)
The Boussinesq model of convection in a flat layer with heating from below is considered. We analyze the effects of anisotropy caused by rapid rotation in physical and wave spaces and demonstrate the suppression of energy transfer by rotation. We also examine the structure of the wave triangle in nonlinear interaction. The range of parameters is adapted to(More)
Using the domino dynamo model, we show how specific axisymmetric and equatorial symmetric forms of the heat flux variations at the core-mantle boundary change the frequency of the geomagnetic field reversals. In fact, we are able to demonstrate the effect known from the modern 3D planetary dynamo models using an ensemble of interacting spins, which obey(More)
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