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The paper contains the overview and analysis of modern cryptographic primitives which have a significant potential for the application in privacy-preserving cloud systems. We analyze the primitives for anonymous routing, the group signature schemes, the attribute authentication schemes and homomorphic encryption schemes. All these cryptographic(More)
The paper deals with current state of card based PAC (Physical Access Control) systems, especially their level of security and provided mechanisms for protecting users' privacy. We propose to use ABCs (Attribute-Based Credentials) to create Privacy-PAC system that provides greater protection of user privacy compared to classic systems. We define basic(More)
We propose a novel privacy-preserving security solution for cloud services. Our solution is based on an efficient non-bilinear group signature scheme providing the anonymous access to cloud services and shared storage servers. The novel solution offers anonymous authenticationfor registered users. Thus, users' personal attributes (age, valid registration,(More)
DPA (Differential Power Analysis) Contest is well-known international framework that allows researchers to compare their power analysis attacks under the same conditions. The latest version of DPA Contest V4.2 provides an improved software implementation of the Rotating Sbox Masking (RSM) scheme. The improved RSM combines low-entropy boolean masking with(More)
The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of current cryptographic Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs) and show practical examples of services where these technologies can be deployed. In particular, the paper covers anonymous routing protocols, privacy-enhanced authentication systems and general-purpose systems like group signatures. Besides(More)
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