Petr Dostalek

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This paper extends results about stability and stabilization of a retarded quasipolynomial obtained using the Mikhaylov criterion earlier. Retarded quasipolynomials appear as numerators and denominators of linear time-invariant time-delay systems (LTI-TDS). A LTI-TDS system of retarded type (destitute of distributed delays) is said to be stable if all roots(More)
Paper deals with utilization of audio source localization in security systems especially dedicated for additional securing of larger objects like squares or military basis for instance. Proposed detection system supposes that intruder makes uniquely determinable noise which can be picked up by microphone array. On the basis of real-time signal analysis from(More)
In this paper, classification of audio sources is presented to supplement current work on existing system for localization of audio sources. The question of achieving the audio classification lies in the convenient discrimination of the feature vector in the feature vector space. Characteristics based on frequency analysis were chosen and used as feature(More)
This paper deals with direction of sound wave arrival determination using time-delay estimation and beamforming methods with utilization of static microphone array with fixed geometry configuration. Theoretical part describes main principle of both methods and possibility of program implementation. Experimental part proposes hardware design of the sensory(More)
Paper deals with implementation of self-tuning digital PID controller on general-purpose 8-bit Freescale 68HC908GB60 microcontroller which is a part of development board M68EVB908GB60 by Axiom Manufacturing. The process is identified using modified recursive least squares method with adaptive directional forgetting resulting in δ-model representation of(More)
This letter describes our source-level debugger for Arduino which can be used to debug the code in Arduino using GNU debugger. The presented solution uses Eclipse as the visual front-end. It does not require any modification of the Arduino board or additional hardware; debug functionality is achieved by adding a program library to the user application.(More)
This contribution deals with employing 8 and 16-bit FreeScale microcomputers in process control with a view to implementation standard and modern control methods such as adaptive and robust controllers. Although microcomputers have limited amount of memory and computing power it is possible to successfully use them in this area and bring us improved(More)
Process measurement is one of the most important tasks in the whole control system. It is determined by the fact that control accuracy is fully dependent on how preciously measuring chain works. Present-day there is available number of devices performing data acquisition tasks – standard cards for PCI or ISA bus which are suitable for standard personal(More)
Paper deals with design and implementation of portable data acquisition unit based on 8-bit microcontroller Freescale 68HC908GP32 in process control and supervision applications. Its hardware design is adopted to fulfill high reliability and immunity against industrial environment, high precision and compact dimensions. Communication with supervision system(More)