Petr Dostál

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Spatial variation in environmental conditions can lead to local adaptation of plant populations, particularly if gene flow among populations is low. Many studies have investigated adaptation to contrasting environmental conditions, but little is known about the spatial scale of adaptive evolution. We studied population differentiation and local adaptation(More)
The invasion success of introduced plants is frequently explained as a result of competitive interactions with native flora. Although previous theory and experiments have shown that plants are largely equivalent in their competitive effects on each other, competitive nonequivalence is hypothesized to occur in interactions between native and invasive(More)
ee front matter & 200 pedobi.2004.09.004 ing author. Fax: +420 ess: dostal@ibot.cas.c Summary Lasius flavus is a dominant mound-building ant species of temperate grasslands that significantly modifies soil parameters. These modifications are usually the result of workers’ activities such as food accumulation and nest construction. An alternative hypothesis(More)
Vegetation in grasslands with well-developed long-lastingant-hills in the Slovenské Rudohorie Mts., Slovakia, was studiedin relation to (i) position on the mound, (ii) ant speciesforming the mound, and (iii) history of the mound. Permanent plotrecordings of mound size and dominant ant species started fifteen years priorthe study began provided information(More)
Many exotic plant invaders pose a serious threat to native communities, but little is known about the dynamics of their impacts over time. In this study, we explored the impact of an invasive plant Heracleum mantegazzianum (giant hogweed) at 24 grassland sites invaded for different periods of time (from 11 to 48 years). Native species' richness and(More)
The image/video quality is a key issue in security video systems. Therefore the objective image/video quality criteria are extensively studied. In this paper, the novel full reference objective metric for image quality assessment is proposed. This metric is based on FSIM. The ROI detection is embedded in order to improve the performance. For ROI estimation,(More)
The paper deals with adaptive control of a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR). A nonlinear model of the process is approximated by a continuous-time external linear model. The parameters of the CT external linear model of the process are estimated using a corresponding delta model. The control system with two feedback controllers is considered. The(More)
Time-delays (dead times) occur in many processes in industry. A Toolbox in the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment was designed for identification and self-tuning control of such processes. The control algorithms are based on modifications of the Smith Predictor (SP). The designed algorithms that are included in the toolbox are suitable not only for simulation(More)