Petko I. Bozov

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The Colorado potato beetle is a pest damaging potato and eggplant crops. This insect adapts quickly to the most synthetic insecticides and requires more poisonous agents to decrease its population [1]. In spite of the resistance developed by Leptinotarsa decemlineata, chemical insecticides remains the main method to control it [2]. The search for natural(More)
Neo-clerodane diterpenoids have attracted interest for their varied biological activities. In continuation of our systematic studies on Scutellaria plants [1–3], we have now investigated S. galericulata L. The acetone extract of the aerial parts of S. galericulata was subjected to column chromatography to yield five compounds: 1–5. The IR spectrum of 3(More)
Ursolic acid (UA) in concentrations of l x 10(7) mol/L - 5 x 10(5) mol/L induced relaxation in gastric smooth muscle (SM) tissues, in a concentration-dependent manner. The relaxation did not change membrane potential and slow wave contraction patterns. A significant decrease in amplitude and frequency of spike- potentials was observed. UA-induced reactivity(More)
A study of the influence of different plant terpenoids and amino sugar derivate acarbose on the activity of glycosyltransferase complex and purified dextransucrase from Leuconostoc mesenteroides URE 13 strain was carried out. All the tested terpenoids showed an inhibitory effect on glycosyltransferases from strain URE 13 at concentration 0.34 mmol. Out of(More)
Four neo-clerodane diterpenoids, neoajugapyrin A, scutegalerins A and B and scutecolumnin C have been isolated from the acetone extract of the aerial parts of Scutellaria galericulata. Neoajugapyrin A and scutecolumnin C are reported in this species for the first time, whereas scutegalerins A and B are new compounds. NMR data of neoajugapyrin A ar e(More)
The derivation of structural characteristics of a compound of unknown structure from its spectral data is a central procedure for modern structure elucidation. Computer searching in spectral libraries of fully-assigned 13C NMR spectra of substructures or full structures is an essential part of structure elucidation and has been widely applied because this(More)
Antimicrobial activity of nineteen neo-clerodane diterpenoids, isolated from the acetone extracts of the aerial parts of Scutellaria and Salvia species (Lamiaceae) were tested against thirteen strains belonging to nine different species of pathogenic and food spoilage bacteria Aeromonas hydrophila, Bacillus cereus, Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes,(More)
Three new neo-clerodane diterpenoids, one C-16 epimeric pair, scutegalerins C and D, and scutegalerin E, together with the known scutaltisin B, were isolated from the acetone extractof the aerial parts of Scutellaria galericulata. The chemical structures of the new compounds were elucidated by spectroscopic techniques and a comparison with data of similar(More)