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Existing research and widespread commercial usage suggest that appeals urging consumers to imagine the product experience have powerful effects on product preferences. Three studies examined the mediating role of imagery accessibility and demonstrated that the difficulty of imagery generation can reverse the generally observed positive effects of imagery(More)
– Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells were entrapped in matrix of alginate and magnetic nanoparticles and covalently immobilized on magnetite-containing chitosan and cellulose-coated magnetic nanoparticles. Cellulose-coated magnetic nanoparticles with covalently immobilized thermostable α-amylase and chitosan particles with immobilized glucoamylase were also(More)
HYPOTHESIS To assess the effects of positive and negative middle ear pressures on auditory threshold. BACKGROUND Nonatmospheric middle ear pressures can alter auditory threshold by their effects on tympanic membrane and ossicular chain mobility. METHODS Experiments were conducted on guinea pigs by inducing alterations in pressure (positive and negative)(More)
We investigate the effect of process-versus outcome-oriented thinking on con-sumers' subjective experiences when choosing among alternatives. In four studies, we show that because process-oriented thinking leads to a dual focus on both means and end benefits, it increases decision difficulty when consumers face substantive trade-offs between desirability(More)
= 0 = = = = 0 = = 0 Consider an atomistic developer who decides when and at what density to develop his land, under a property value tax system characterized by three time-invariant tax rates: , the tax rate on pre-development land value; , the tax rate on post-development residual site value; and , the tax rate on structure value. Arnott (2002) identiied(More)
In 2 countries differing on individualistic–collectivistic orientation, we investigated resistance to a request made by a manager perceived as lacking personal power based on a key attribute (e.g., expertise, relationality). Results of an experiment with Polish and American participants were consistent with cultural differences in the preferred attribute of(More)
Several mechanisms have been suggested to explain the clearance of fluids from the middle ear. These include a pumping action through the eustachian tube, mucociliary beating through the tube, outflow of water to the blood due to osmotic gradients and an active Na(+) transport driving water absorption. In order to assess these mechanisms, the middle ear(More)
Imagine that you are looking for an apartment to rent and are deciding between two options that entail an attribute trade-off. One apartment is spacious but far from your workplace; the other is closer but much less spacious. Construal level theory (Liberman and Trope 1998) suggests that when deciding between these two alternatives, consumers who engage in(More)