Petia Bobadova-Parvanova

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Recently developed parameters for five first-row transition-metal elements (M = Sc, Ti, Fe, Co, and Ni) in combination with H, C, N, and O as well as the same metal (M-M) for the spin-polarized(More)
The mechanisms of dinitrogen hydrogenation by two different complexes--[(eta(5)-C(5)Me(4)H)(2)Zr](2)(mu(2),eta(2),eta(2)-N(2)), synthesized by Chirik and co-workers [Nature 2004, 427, 527], and(More)
The potential energy surface of the reaction [(eta5-C5MenH5-n)2M]2(micro2,eta2,eta2-N2) + H2 --> [(eta5-C5MenH5-n)2M][(eta5-C5MenH5-n)2MH](micro2,eta2,eta2-NNH) at low-lying singlet and triplet(More)