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The presence of chromosomal aberrations induced in circulating lymphocytes from breast cancer patients during chemotherapy was analyzed. Ten breast cancer patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy and ten healthy women (controls) were evaluated. Metaphases were obtained from cultures of peripheral lymphocytes stimulated with phytohemaglutinin and(More)
We use the f − divergence also called relative entropy as a measure of diversity between probability densities and review the basic properties of the estimator D2(.‖.). In the sequence we define a few objects which capture relevant information from the sample of a Markov Chain to be used in the definition of a couple of estimators i.e. the Local Dependency(More)
The development of the service and intervention robotics has stimulated remarkable projects of mobile robots well adapted to different kinds of environment, including structured and non-structured terrains. On this context, several control system architectures have been proposed looking for the improvement of the robot autonomy, and of the tasks planning(More)
The pH control is a difficult problem. This is due to the strong nonlinearity and extreme sensitivity to disturbances in the neighborhood of the neutrality point. A Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller (FSMC) which combines a Variable Structure Control with sliding modes (VSC) and the fuzzy logic theory to adjust the controller gains, for pH control(More)
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