Peterson Kac

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  • Victor G Kact, Minoru Wakimotot, Peterson Kac, Peter-Son, A A Belavin, A M Zamolodchikov
Mathematics Modular invariant representations of infinite-dimensional Lie algebras and superalgebras (Kac-Moody algebras and superalgebras/Virasoro algebra/modular functions and theta functions/asymptotic dimension) ABSTRACT In this paper, we launch a program to describe and classify modular invariant representations of infinite dimensional Lie algebras and(More)
The effect of membrane-stabilizing ganglionic blocking agents was found to be decreased in the ganglia of diabetic cats. Similarly, the sensitivity to membrane-stabilizing muscle relaxants of motor endplates in diabetic rats was also diminished, while the effectivity of depolarizing agents was augmented. Analysing the mechanism of action of these phenomena,(More)
The susceptibility to d-tubocurarine, gallamine, pancuronium, succinylcholine, and decamethonium of the motor endplate innervated by the anterior tibial nerve was studied in alloxan diabetic rats and in rats pretreated with cortisone and dexamethasone. The sensitivity to various muscle relaxants of cholinergic receptors in the motor endplate of alloxan(More)
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