Peter von Buelow

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In early phases of design a wide exploration of the design space is crucial to the development of creative solutions. In this regard, Evolutionary Computation (EC), and in particular Genetic Algorithms, contain several qualities that can enhance exploration by opening the search process beyond the focus of finding a single "best" solution. Over the years(More)
The paper addresses the design of large roof structures for semi outdoor spaces through an investigation of a type of performance-oriented design, which aims at integrating performance evaluations in the early stages of the design process. Particularly, aiming at improving daylight and thermal comfort under large structures, the paper focuses on the(More)
The approach demonstrated in this paper uses Evolutionary Computation (EC) to enhance and modify structural form based on biological micro structures.The forms are modified to conform to new boundary conditions associated with architectural structures.The process is based on a Genetic Algorithm (GA) which visually exposes for the designer a range of good(More)
The work described in this paper aims at developing the interrelation and overall effects of interaction between a folded plate roof structure and a system of branching column supports. In the context of architectural performance it is of interest to discuss the effects of the material on environmental conditions. The current study is complementary to a(More)
In this paper we address performance oriented design applied to adaptive architecture in order to satisfy the performance requirements for changing contextual conditions. The domain of adaptive architecture is defined and specific focus is given to form-active architecture, in which geometric changes occur as a means of adaptivity during the use of the(More)
In this paper we address the design of large roof structures by integrating interdisciplinary performance evaluations in the early stages of the design process. Specific focus is given to structural and solar energy related performances. Geometry is stressed as a key interface between the different disciplines. Parametric modelling is used to automatically(More)
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