Peter van der Linden

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OBJECTIVE To update the practice parameters for the evaluation of adult patients who develop a new fever in the intensive care unit, for the purpose of guiding clinical practice. PARTICIPANTS A task force of 11 experts in the disciplines related to critical care medicine and infectious diseases was convened from the membership of the Society of Critical(More)
The rate of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) in the workplace is rising at an alarming rate. People using computers and working at keyboards for long periods of time are particularly at risk. Prevention of orthopaedic injuries can make the work environment less stressful and more productive as well as help to avoid needless human suffering and costly(More)
Out of 24 primary mammary tumors, arising in rats of the WAG/Rij Wistar strain after low dose irradiation, with or without prolonged treatment with estrogen, a slow-growing, well differentiated adenocarci-noma (MCR-83) was selected. This tumor, induced by radiation alone, is independent of estrogen pellets for growth after transplantation into adult female(More)
Dedication I dedicate this work to my family. v Acknowledgements I would like to thank Dr. Davis and Dr. Bostick for their enthusiasm for my research. They generously supported me in pursuing my academic goals on a part-time basis for so many years. I would like to thank Dr. Geiger from Iowa State University, who is a member of my dissertation committee and(More)
Executive Summary Introduction In some intensive care units (ICUs), the measurement of a Objective: The development of practice guidelines for evaluating adult patients who develop new fever in the intensive care newly elevated temperature triggers automatic orders for many tests that are time-consuming, costly, and disruptive (table 1). unit (ICU) for the(More)
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  • 1996
Recent advances in AIDS treatment, including the development of protease inhibitors, may eventually make AIDS a chronic disease to be managed rather than an immediately life-threatening one. This causes some psychological trauma in patients who have made financial choices based on their belief that they would die soon, and now have insufficient resources to(More)
The purpose of the course COM 1101 is to introduce fundamental algorithms and data structures in the framework of objects and classes using Java as the programming language. Questions of design will be important on four levels: the design of individual algorithms, data structures, and classes; the use of classes that interact with one another; the use of(More)