Peter van der Linden

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OBJECTIVE To update the practice parameters for the evaluation of adult patients who develop a new fever in the intensive care unit, for the purpose of guiding clinical practice. PARTICIPANTS A task force of 11 experts in the disciplines related to critical care medicine and infectious diseases was convened from the membership of the Society of Critical(More)
ion—Extracting Out the Essential Characteristics of a Thing Object-oriented programming starts with object-oriented design. And object-oriented design starts with abstraction. What's an "object"? Using our new-found skill of "abstraction", consider the similarities between realworld objects, say, a car and a software object. The attributes they share are(More)
Recent advances in AIDS treatment, including the development of protease inhibitors, may eventually make AIDS a chronic disease to be managed rather than an immediately life-threatening one. This causes some psychological trauma in patients who have made financial choices based on their belief that they would die soon, and now have insufficient resources to(More)
Naomi P. O’Grady, Philip S. Barie, John G. Bartlett, From the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, and the Johns Hopkins Hospital and St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland; the New Thomas Bleck, Glenda Garvey, Judith Jacobi, York Hospital, and the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New Peter Linden, Dennis G. Maki, Myung Nam, York, New York; the(More)
The rate of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) in the workplace is rising at an alarming rate. People using computers and working at keyboards for long periods of time are particularly at risk. Prevention of orthopaedic injuries can make the work environment less stressful and more productive as well as help to avoid needless human suffering and costly(More)
The Symptom A letter to S IGPLAN [1] outlined a construct of the Ada programming language which seemed ambiguous. The problem was said to arise when positional aggregate assignments were made to records with one component. To non Ada-afficionados who have boldy read thus far, this means assigning a value to a record structure by writing out the new values(More)
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