Peter van Ulsen

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One of van Benthem’s predecessors, and the first in line of the Dutch logicians, was Evert Willem Beth. During the last decade of his life he worked on a truly constructive semantics for intuitionistic logic, with a corresponding completeness theorem. The result is known as “Beth models”. We try to describe his intents and efforts, but it is not possible to(More)
The backbone of secreted autotransporter passenger proteins generally attains a stable β-helical structure. The secretion of passengers across the outer membrane was proposed to be driven by sequential folding of this structure at the cell surface. This mechanism would require a relatively stable intermediate as starting point. Here, we investigated the(More)
DECORATION OF OUTER MEMBRANE VESICLES WITH MULTIPLE 1 ANTIGENS USING AN AUTOTRANSPORTER APPROACH 2 3 Maria H Daleke-Schermerhorn, Tristan Felix, Zora Soprova, Corinne M ten Hagen4 Jongman, David Vikström, Laleh Majlessi, Joep Beskers, Frank Follmann, Karin 5 de Punder, Nicole N van der Wel, Thomas Baumgarten, Thang V Pham, Sander R 6 Piersma, Connie R(More)
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