Peter van Hoogevest

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Purpose. The applicability of Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (Asymmetrical Flow FFF) as an alternative tool to examine the distribution of a lipophilic drug (N-Benzoyl-staurosporine) within human plasma protein fractions was investigated with respect to high separation speed and loss of material on surfaces due to adsorption. Methods. Field-Flow(More)
The properties of taurocholate–lecithin powder (SIF Powder) and the biorelevant media FeSSIF and FaSSIF prepared from the powder were investigated using various techniques. The powder is stable and shows no change in the physical or chemical characteristics for at least 12 months in the original container stored at 2–8 °C. FeSSIF and FaSSIF were stable with(More)
We examined the activation to the tumoricidal state of normal mouse peritoneal exudate macrophages, bone marrow macrophages, and human blood monocytes by liposomes containing either lipophilic muramyl tripeptide (CGP 19 835) or a new synthetic analogue of lipoprotein from gram-negative bacteria outer wall, CGP 31 362, or combinations of the two. The(More)
Purpose. To validate Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (RET) as method to monitor disintegration of fluorescently labeled liposomes varying in lysolecithin/oleic acid (equimolar) content, lysolecithin fatty acid composition and vesicle size in rat blood plasma and buffer. Methods. NBD-PE and Rho-PE were used for RET. The measurements were performed on(More)
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