Peter de Witte

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This review covers new experimental and theoretical physical research related to the formation of polymeric membranes by phase separation of a polymer solution, and to the morphology of these membranes. Two main phase separation processes for polymeric membrane formation are discussed: thermally induced phase separation and immersion precipitation. Special(More)
To study whether formulation influences biodistribution, necrosis avidity and tumoricidal effects of the radioiodinated hypericin, a necrosis avid agent for a dual-targeting anticancer radiotherapy. Iodine-123- and 131-labeled hypericin (123I-Hyp and 131I-Hyp) were prepared with Iodogen as oxidant, and formulated in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)/PEG400(More)
The influence of solid-liquid demixing, liquid-liquid demixing and vitrification on the morphology of polylactide membranes has been investigated. To study the effects of crystallization of polylactides on the membrane formation and morphology, polylactides of varying stereoregularity were used. The polymers applied were poly-L-lactide (PLLA) and copolymers(More)
helping me to resolve the questions I had. Our meetings, sometimes together with Peter, were always very constructive and taught me to evaluate my results critically. día! Angela thank you for doing some microinjections for me and the nice times together! Tatiana, thanks for the nice collaboration on the AEDs-PTZ paper and all the EEG data. Olivia thank you(More)
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