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Unified Modeling of Length in Language
This chapter discusses language use and language teaching in the classroom through the lens of Corpus, Concordance, Collocation, and the Lexicon.
Degeneracy Graphs and Simplex Cycling
1. Introduction.- 2. Degeneracy problems in mathematical optimization.- 2.1. Convergence problems in the case of degeneracy.- 2.1.1 Cycling in linear complementarity problems.- 2.1.2 Cycling in
Survey of solved and open problems in the degeneracy phenomenon
Degeneracy is a phenomenon that may arise, e.g., in linear programming, bottleneck LP, multiparametric LP, linear vectormaximization, etc, and certainly influences any vertex-searching method for mathematical models based on a system of linear inequalities.
Classification of Serbian texts based on lexical characteristics and multivariate statistical analysis
Abstract We study lexical properties of different Serbian text types (poems, rock songs, different kinds of spoken language, prose, scientific and journalistic texts). We investigate characteristics