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From opencl to high-performance hardware on FPGAS
We present an OpenCL compilation framework to generate high-performance hardware for FPGAs. For an OpenCL application comprising a host program and a set of kernels, it compiles the host program,Expand
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The microarchitecture of FPGA-based soft processors
As more embedded systems are built using FPGA platforms, there is an increasing need to support processors in FPGAs. One option is the soft processor, a programmable instruction processor implementedExpand
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VESPA: portable, scalable, and flexible FPGA-based vector processors
While soft processors are increasingly common in FPGA-based embedded systems, it remains a challenge to scale their performance. We propose extending soft processor instruction sets to includeExpand
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Application-specific customization of soft processor microarchitecture
A key advantage of soft processors (processors built on an FPGA programmable fabric) over hard processors is that they can be customized to suit an application program's specific software. ThisExpand
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Exploration and Customization of FPGA-Based Soft Processors
As embedded systems designers increasingly use field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) while pursuing single-chip designs, they are motivated to have their designs also include soft processors,Expand
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An FPGA-based Pentium® in a complete desktop system
Software simulation has been the predominant method for architects to evaluate microprocessor research proposals. There are three tenets in modeling new designs with software models: simulationExpand
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OpenCL for FPGAs: Prototyping a Compiler
Hardware acceleration using FPGAs has shown orders of magnitude reduction in runtime of computationally-intensive applications in comparison to traditional stand-alone computers [1]. This is possibleExpand
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A parameterized automatic cache generator for FPGAs
Caches in FPGAs can improve the performance of soft processors and other applications beset by slow storage components. In this paper we present a cache generator which can produce caches with aExpand
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Portable, Flexible, and Scalable Soft Vector Processors
Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are increasingly used to implement embedded digital systems, however, the hardware design necessary to do so is time-consuming and tedious. The amount ofExpand
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Fine-grain performance scaling of soft vector processors
Embedded systems are often implemented on FPGA devices and 25% of the time include a soft processor--a processor built using the FPGA reprogrammable fabric. Because of their prevalence andExpand
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