Peter Wyckoff

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Millions of small heterogeneous computers are poised to spread into the infrastructure of our society. Though mostly inconspicuous today, disguised as nothing more than PIM (personal information management) computers, these tiny processors will eventually pervade most aspects of civilized life. The one thing holding them back from being everyone's portal to(More)
Gap models are perhaps the most widely used class of individual-based tree models used in ecology and climate change research. However, most gap model emphasize, in terms of process detail, computer code, and validation effort, tree growth with little attention to the simulation of plant death or mortality. Mortality algorithms have been mostly limited to(More)
High biodiversity of forests is not predicted by traditional models, and evidence for trade-offs those models require is limited. High-dimensional regulation (e.g., N factors to regulate N species) has long been recognized as a possible alternative explanation, but it has not be been seriously pursued, because only a few limiting resources are evident for(More)
Tree mortality is a key factor influencing forest functions and dynamics, but our understanding of the mechanisms leading to mortality and the associated changes in tree growth rates are still limited. We compiled a new pan-continental tree-ring width database from sites where both dead and living trees were sampled (2970 dead and 4224 living trees from 190(More)
,4bstract: &ologists and foresters have long noted a link between tree growth rate and mortality, and recent work suggests that i&erspecific differences in low growth tolerauce’is a’itey for&-shaping forest structure. Little information is available, however, on the growth-mortality relationship for most species. We present three methods for estimating(More)
Current-day applications are written to execute on a wide range of platforms ranging from fast desktop computers to mobile laptops all the way to hand-held PDAs and cellular phones, spanning several orders of magnitude in processing, storage, and communication capabilities. Applications running on these platforms may exhibit diverse and unpredictable(More)
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