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Tree mortality is a key factor influencing forest functions and dynamics, but our understanding of the mechanisms leading to mortality and the associated changes in tree growth rates are still limited. We compiled a new pan-continental tree-ring width database from sites where both dead and living trees were sampled (2970 dead and 4224 living trees from 190(More)
,4bstract: &ologists and foresters have long noted a link between tree growth rate and mortality, and recent work suggests that i&erspecific differences in low growth tolerauce'is a'itey for&-shaping forest structure. Little information is available, however, on the growth-mortality relationship for most species. We present three methods for estimating(More)
To my family for their support in all these years iii Acknowledgment I am indebted to my family, which have given me strong support in all these years to pursue my own ambition. Special thanks to my advisors: Zvi M. Kedem and Vijay Karamcheti. It is from Zvi that I learned to appreciate simplicity and to look for interesting problems from ordinary tasks in(More)
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