Peter Wentworth

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Over 25 implementations of diierent functional languages are benchmarked using the same program, a oating-point intensive application taken from molecular biology. The principal aspects studied are compile time and execution time for the various implementations that were benchmarked. An important consideration is how the program can be modiied and tuned to(More)
Computational thinking is gaining recognition as an important skill set for students, both in computer science and other disciplines. Although there has been much focus on this field in recent years, it is rarely taught as a formal course within the curriculum, and there is little consensus on what exactly computational thinking entails and how to teach and(More)
Computational thinking, a form of thinking and problem solving within computer science, has become a popular focus of research on computer science education. In this paper, we attempt to investigate the role that computational thinking plays in the experience of introductory computer science students at a South African university. To this end, we have(More)
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