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Chronic CMV infection in older women: Longitudinal comparisons of CMV DNA in peripheral monocytes, anti-CMV IgG titers, serum IL-6 levels, and CMV pp65 (NLV)-specific CD8+ T-cell frequencies with
Chronic cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection may contribute significantly to T-cell immunosenescence, chronic inflammation, and adverse health outcomes in older adults. Recent studies suggest detectableExpand
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Neuropod Cells: Emerging Biology of the Gut-Brain Sensory Transduction.
Guided by its sight, scent, texture, and taste, animals ingest food. Once ingested, it is up to the gut to make sense of the food's nutritional value. Classic sensory systems rely on neuroepithelialExpand
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Theories to be combined and contrasted: Does the context make a difference? Early intervention programmes as case
The constructivist paradigm is the primary underpinning of the Mathematics Recovery Programme (MRP) in Australia, the UK, the USA and Canada. The critical mathematics education paradigm is theExpand
Matematikken i PISA – i didaktisk perspektiv
Denne artikel fokuserer pa matematik i PISA. Den praesenterer nogle af de arbejdsprocesserder gar forud for at resultaterne kan offentliggores, og som har saerlig fagdidaktisk interesse, saartiklenExpand
The Nordic countries in international camparison
Inspecter sans inspecteur. Le cas du Danemark
Le systeme educatif danois laisse une grande autonomie aux etablissements dans l’organisation de leur enseignement de base (Folkeskolen). La regulation des etablissements repose sur une cooperationExpand
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