Peter Weisenpacher

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  • Cyril Adamuščin, Anna-Zuzana Dubničková, Stanislav Dubnička, Roman Pekárik, Slovak Republic, Peter Weisenpacher
  • 2002
A system of linear homogeneous algebraic equations for coupling constant ratios of vector-mesons to hadrons is derived by imposing an assumed asymptotic behaviour upon the VMD pole parametrization of an hadron electromagnetic form factor. A similar system of equations with a simpler structure of coefficients, taken as even powers of vector-meson masses, is(More)
Unitary and analytic ten-resonance model of the nucleon electromagnetic (e.m.) structure with canonical normalizations and QCD (up to the logarithmic correction) asymp-totics is constructed on the four-sheeted Riemann surface, which provides a superposition of vector-meson pole and continuum contributions in a very natural way. As a result it describes(More)
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