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We examined the feasibility of administering neuropsychological tests via videoconference. Twenty-nine participants from central Alberta volunteered for the study. All were 60 years of age or older and were without neurological or psychiatric disturbance. All the participants were tested under two experimental conditions: face to face and via(More)
Future space borne gravitational wave detectors will require a precise definition of calibration signals to ensure the achievement of their design sensitivity. The careful design of the test signals plays a key role in the correct understanding and characterisation of these instruments. In that sense, methods achieving optimal experiment designs must be(More)
  • H Araújo, C Boatella, +13 authors X Xirgu
  • 2006
This is a review about LISA and its technology demonstrator, LISAPathFinder. We first describe the conceptual problems which need to be overcome in order to set up a working interferometric detector of low frequency Gravitational Waves (GW), then summarise the solutions to them as currently conceived by the LISA mission team. This will show that some of(More)
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