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— A database supporting multiple versions of records may use the versions to support queries of the past or to increase concurrency by enabling reads and writes to be concurrent. We introduce a new concurrency control approach that enables all SQL isolation levels including serializability to utilize multiple versions to increase concurrency while also(More)
— The interest for robotic solutions to perform inspection and maintenance of steel structures is realised with reduced costs, improved safety and improved efficiency. However current robotic solutions are limited by the required adhesion to support the robot and payload device. The design of an Electro Permanent Magnetic device is studied to yield a high(More)
New forms of natural user interfaces, particularly tabletops, are now a possibility due to the staggering advances in sensing and display technology. There is an immediate need for corresponding progress on the foundational software for exploiting the potential of these new hardware products. This requires research into natural and effective gestural(More)
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