Peter Wan

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The extracellular pH (pi I,.) in many solid tumors is often lower than in normal tissues. Cells may survive conditions of acid pi 1, because antiports in their membrane exchange Na* for 11+,or 11CX)., for Cl~, and thus regulate the intracellular pH (pH,). We have therefore assessed the effects of drugs which interfere with regulation of pi I; on survival of(More)
The Population Health Epidemiology Unit of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Tasmania uses hospitalizations, deaths, cancer incidence and notifiable diseases data to conduct monitoring and surveillance of the health of the Tasmanian population. The data is coded according to local government area (LGA). Traditionally commercial mapping(More)
Two cottonseed oil biodiesel samples (cottonseed oil methyl esters, COME) produced in Clemson lab, together with other two commercial cottonseed oil biodiesels were evaluated on their engine performance with the No. 2 diesel fuel as a reference. The results revealed that emission of CO, CO 2 and NO x from cottonseed oil biodiesels was lower than that of the(More)
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