Peter Walters

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A significant body of knowledge pertaining to the management and organization of international distribution channels has evolved over the last three decades. More recent foci have been on relational forms of exchange and models that accommodate efficient exchange management within the context of supply chain systems. This review provides a framework for(More)
The purpose of the present investigation was to compare the effects of weight training, training with weights and plyometrics, and training with weights and the VertiMax on vertical jump. Subjects were 37 intercollegiate athletes assigned to one of four training groups: strength (S), strength-plyometric (P), strength-VertiMax without arms (VNA), and(More)
Traditional assembly line manufacturing is speculative, costly and environmentally unsustainable. It is speculative because it commits substantial resources—energy, materials, shipping, handling, stocking and displaying—without a guaranteed sale. It is costly because each of these resources—material, process, people and place—involves expense not(More)
The potential of 3D printing has been under technical and philosophical discussion for some time, but current rapid prototyping materials can be costly and are limited in terms of functional and visual qualities. Food-based materials could provide a novel and exciting alternative which may also be affordable and accessible as 3d printing extends from(More)
In this paper, we study a class of quasi-invariant measures on paths generated by discrete dynamical systems. Our main result characterizes the subfamily of these measures which admit a certain disintegration. This is a disintegration with respect to a random walk Markov process which is indexed by the starting point of the paths. Our applications include(More)
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