Peter Wallis

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Text Retrieval systems based on ranking use similarity as an approximation to relevance. Most of these systems ignore word meaning. We assume that some measure of paraphrase would be a better similarity measure. We develop a concept of paraphrase based on Meaning-Text Theory and implement an approximation to the ideal using the Longman Dictionary of(More)
| Recall and Precision have become the principle measures of the eeectiveness of information retrieval systems. Inherent in these measures of performance is the idea of a relevant document. Although recall and precision are easily and unambiguously deened, selecting the documents relevant to a query has long been recognised as problematic. To compare(More)
Our work involves the study of the extent to which natural language processing techniques aid the automatic indexing and retrieval of documents. In this paper we describe the use of signature files in large text retrieval systems. We show that good performance can be obtained without requiring the significant overheads required for the inverted file(More)
This paper applies agent ideas originally derived from experiments with autonomous mobile robots to goods replenishments systems in supply chains. Recently the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Automatic Identification laboratory has been promoting the establishment of an Internet-based repository of data on all instances of retail and domestic items,(More)
Applied discourse analysis is a hot topic in Information Retrieval (IR) and the related field of Information Extraction (IE). Although interesting observations about discourse can be made "by hand," applications require large quantities of data about language-data which is rather uninteresting. This paper investigates using statistical analysis over a body(More)