Peter Wallin

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Agile has been used to refer to a software development paradigm that emphasizes rapid and flexible development. In the meanwhile, we have through our practical experiences in scaling up agile methods, noticed that architecture plays an important role. Due to the inter-relationship between agile methods and architecture, as well as divergent perceptions on(More)
It is widely accepted that awareness of architectural decisions enables better management and planning of system evolution, refactoring, and modernization efforts. In this paper we report data from interviews with software architects about how practitioners utilize architecture during system evolution. Our results show, despite the widely shared view that(More)
Model-based development of software architecture for real-time embedded systems in modern vehicles has had a surge in the last few years. While the introduction of models into the development of real-time embedded systems has increased efficiency in some parts of the engineering process, the models are also cause of novel concerns. In particular, mismatch(More)
The use of electronics in vehicles is increasing quickly and the systems are becoming increasingly complex. This makes the engineering of these advanced computer-based systems more and more difficult. In particular, finding a good architecture is a prerequisite for successful design. In this study we investigate key issues related to real-world decisions(More)
In this paper we present a new method for making decisions on integration strategy for in-vehicle automotive systems. We describe the problem of choosing integration strategy and we describe the method, which is a combination of the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method, ATAM, and the Analytical Hierarchy Process, AHP. We exemplify the use of the proposed(More)
Software intensive products and systems evolve over the life-cycle. Changing business objectives may drive architectural or process changes. Altering either architecture or process might influence the other. Also the organization may influence and be influenced. This paper describes these relationships and proposes a method for assessing the influence on(More)
A Quarry and Aggregate production site consist of sequential production processes and activities to process and produce the output products. Compared to a fixed manufacturing plant, the quarry processes involve mobile machines such as wheel loaders, trucks and articulated haulers and a highly dynamic road infrastructure. Today, the mobile machines are(More)