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This paper investigates Walley's concepts of epistemic irrelevance and epistemic independence for imprecise probability models. We study the mathematical properties of irrelevance and independence, and their relation to the graphoid axioms. Examples are given to show that epistemic irrelevance can violate the symmetry, contraction and intersection axioms,(More)
In this paper we try to clarify the notion of independence for imprecise probabilities. Our main point is that there are several possible definitions of independence which are applicable in different types of situation. With this aim, simple examples are given in order to clarify the meaning of the different concepts of independence and the relationships(More)
Possibility measures and conditional possibility measures are given a behavioural interpretation as marginal betting rates against events. Under this interpretation, possibility measures should satisfy two consistency criteria, known asàvoiding sure loss' and`coherence'. We survey the rules that have been proposed for deening conditional possibilities and(More)
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