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We propose a new system for vision-based mobile robot navigation in an unmodeled environment. Simple , unobtrusive artiicial landmarks are used as navigation and localization aids. The landmark patterns are designed so that they can be reliably detected in real-time in images taken with the robot's camera over a wide range of viewing conngurations. The code(More)
The increasing development of large-scale offshore wind farms around the world has caused many new technical and economic challenges to emerge. The capital cost of the electrical network that supports a large offshore wind farm constitutes a significant proportion of the total cost of the wind farm. Thus, finding the optimal design of this electrical(More)
This paper analyses the determinants of self-reported health in Ireland, conditioning self-reported health on a set of socio-economic, labour market and social capital variables. Ireland has the highest self-reported health rate in Europe, a finding backed-up by other studies. Data were derived from the 2002 and 2005 European Social survey. The full 87,915(More)
The concept of smart microgrid (SMG) is widely recognized as one of the most promising and enabling technologies for smart grids. In this context, the development of integrated and decentralized frameworks for executing complex control and monitoring applications is still in its infancy and needs to be researched. To address this issue, this paper(More)
Fixed speed wind turbines (FSWT) based on induction generators (IGs) are widely used due to their simple construction and ease of operation. Proper operation and control of a wind farm composed of FSWTs requires accurate models of the main FSWT elements, including the IG. This paper presents a procedure for using on-line measurements of the postdisturbance(More)
Controlled islanding, which splits the whole power system into islands, is an effective way of limiting blackouts during severe disturbances. Finding islanding solutions in real time is difficult because of the combinatorial explosion of the solution space occurs for large power system. This paper proposes a computationally efficient algorithm based on(More)