Peter Waldeck

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Conspecific brood parasitism (CBP), an alternative reproductive tactic where some females lay eggs in the nests of other females of the same species, occurs in many animals with egg care. It is particularly common in waterfowl, for reasons that are debated. Many waterfowl females nest near their birthplace, making it likely that some local females are(More)
The new technology of reconfigurable System-on-Chip is shown to be a good match to the requirements of real-time embedded systems. In particular, the judicious use of specialised data processing peripherals can reduce the CPU load significantly and greatly ease the task of guaranteeing that real-time deadlines are met in complex multi-processing real-time(More)
I declare that the work submitted in this thesis is my own, except as acknowledged, and has not previously submitted as a degree at the University of Queensland or any other institution. To Mum and Dad, for their love, encouragement and the sacrifices they have made to make my Engineering Degree and this Thesis possible. iv Acknowledgments The completion of(More)
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