Peter Wai-Tat Tse

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Many advanced techniques have been developed for diagnosis of machine faults caused by vibration. They are effective if the inspected vibration is well isolated from interference caused by vibrations from adjacent components. However, the components of manufacturing machines are numerous, small, and packed closely together. Thus the signal collected by a(More)
Vibration-based analysis is an important technique in machine fault diagnosis. In complex machines, the vibration generated by a component is easily affected by the vibration of other components or is corrupted by noise from other sources. Hence, the fault-related vibration must be recovered from among those sources for accurate diagnosis. In this paper, a(More)
Radon diffusion through soil and into air is investigated. The solution of the relevant diffusion equation is given using the explicit finite difference method. Results from a two-medium model (soil-air) are compared to those from a simplified single-medium model (soil alone). The latter are an underestimate in early stages of the diffusion process. Later(More)
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