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The paper outlines the architecture and applications of a real-time traffic information system using Floating Car Data (FCD). The proposed system uses synergies from the GPS (Global Positioning System) based fleet disposition exploiting position data of several hundred vehicles of a taxi companies in Berlin, Nuremberg and Vienna. In order to manage the(More)
The Value at Risk (VaR) is widely used to measure the risk of banks' trading books, but it also has been criticized in the previous academic literature due to some odd properties. Other risk measures have been suggested as potentially being superior from a theoretical perspective. This gives rise to the question whether or not it makes much difference in(More)
Anticipation in traffic means that drivers estimate their leaders' velocities for future timesteps. In the article a specific stochastic car–following model with non–unique flow–density relation is investigated with respect to anticipatory driving. It is realized by next–nearest–neighbour interaction which leads to large flows and short temporal headways.(More)