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Natural attenuation assessment data, collected at a Superfund site located in Louisiana, USA, are presented. The study site is contaminated with large quantities of DNAPL waste products. Source characterization data indicated that chlorinated ethene and ethane compounds are the major contaminants of concern. This case study illustrates the steps involved in(More)
BACKGROUND Depressive disorders are commonly managed in primary care and family physicians are ideally placed to serve as central providers to these patients. Around the world, the prevalence of depressive disorders in patients presenting to primary care is between 10-20%, of which around 50% remain undiagnosed. In Hong Kong, many barriers exist preventing(More)
Postinfectious encephalomyelitis is a kind of demyelinating disease with pathological characteristics and a monophasic clinical course. Herein, we describe a patient who had the symptoms of binge eating, fatigue, memory impairment, hypotalkativeness, hypoactivity, lethargy, incoherent speech, dysphoric mood, and episodic disorientation. Only elevation of(More)
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