Peter W Robinson

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Using a BAB design, a token system requiring cooperative interaction was used to change the reading and vocabulary performance of an 18-member class of third-grade hyperactive boys. Four different colored tokens, which could be exchanged for 15 minutes of play on electrovideo games, were earned by successful completion of two tasks that involved learning to(More)
The effectiveness of trial-and-error, graded-choice, and verbal-instruction procedures on the acquisition and maintenance of a two-choice simultaneous color discrimination in an intradimensional double-reversal learning situation was studied using 18 first-grade children. After acquiring a red-green discrimination during one 70-trial session, the(More)
BACKGROUND Although dislocation of the shoulder is a relatively common event, the overwhelming majority of injuries are anterior. Posterior shoulder dislocation is more uncommon, comprising between 3% and 5% of all shoulder dislocations. One percent of shoulder dislocations involve a fracture, whereas only 0.9% of the 1500 cases reported by Neer (J Bone(More)
A simultaneous, two-choice color discrimination was carried out with three groups of four- to seven-year-old children. For Groups I and II, the opportunity to respond to the incorrect stimulus was controlled (graded) over three different conditions. First, only a red light (S+) and its retractable bar were presented (16 trials for Group I and 316 trials for(More)
The study investigated the effect of total darkness on the key pecking of pigeons under fixed-ratio, variable-ratio, fixed-interval, and variable-interval schedules of food reinforcement. Eight pigeons were divided into groups of two, with each group conditioned to peck under one of the four schedules of reinforcement. Under an ABAB procedure, all pigeons(More)
BACKGROUND The restoration of an adequate patellar thickness is a key to the successful outcome of knee arthroplasty. This study investigated the relationship between the thickness of the native patellar and medial-lateral patellar width using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). METHODS 75 MRI scans of young adults, with an average age of 27 (range 16-40)(More)
BACKGROUND The increasing experience with renal allotransplantation has led to continuing development in vascular surgical techniques. These improvements have enabled complex ex vivo renal artery surgery and renal autotransplantation to be performed. The aims of the present study were to describe the results achieved with renal autotransplantation and ex(More)
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