Peter W. Reiners

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Melting of mafic veins in a marble-cake mantle may play an important role in generating isotopic and chemical heterogeneities in mid-ocean ridge and ocean island basalts. Mafic veins have lower solidi than mantle peridotite and will be preferentially sampled during partial melting, particularly at low melt fractions. However, the abundance of mafic(More)
Both theoretical and empirical evidence shows that intracrystalline U-Th heterogeneity in zircon can lead to biases in (U-Th)/He ages if not accurately accounted for in -ejection corrections. We present a model for age correction for U-Th zoned crystals. We apply this to spherical and prismatic grains with bipyramidal terminations. The spherical calculation(More)
An emerging paradigm that equates glaciers to ‘‘buzz saws’’ of exceptional erosional efficiency has been strengthened by shortterm (,102 yr) sediment yields from southern Alaska. New lowtemperature cooling ages from this area, the glaciated Chugach– St. Elias Mountains, constrain long-term (106 yr) exhumation rates. Vertically averaged exhumation rates(More)
The Cordillera Huayhuash is a north-south-oriented range along the drainage divide of the northern Peruvian Andes. The range has high topography with peaks in excess of 5500 m and the second-highest peak in Peru, Nevados Yerupaja (6617 m). Bedrock is dominated by folded Mesozoic miogeoclinal rocks unconformably overlain by mid-Tertiary volcanics intruded by(More)
Primitive, low-silica and high-alkali magmas that erupt late in the evolution of most ocean island volcanoes are highly enriched in incompatible trace elements, yet their isotopic compositions require a time-integrated mantle source history of incompatible-element depletion. Reconciling these observations has traditionally required either extremely low(More)
Past studies of tectonically active mountain ranges have suggested strong coupling and feedbacks between climate, tectonics and topography. For example, rock uplift generates topographic relief, thereby enhancing precipitation, which focuses erosion and in turn influences rates and spatial patterns of further rock uplift. Although theoretical links between(More)
Quartz grains that appear to have been shock-metamorphosed occur within three closely spaced shale beds from the uppermost Triassic ("Rhaetian") Calcare a Rhaetavicula in the Northern Apennines of Italy. The upper shale coincides with the abrupt termination of the distinctive, uppermost Triassic Rhaetavicula fauna and is overlain by the Hettangian (Lower(More)
To evaluate the potential of (U–Th)/He geochronometry and thermochronometry of zircon, we measured He diffusion characteristics in zircons from a range of quickly and slowly cooled samples, (U–Th)/He ages of zircons from the quickly cooled Fish Canyon Tuff, and age-paleodepth relationships for samples from 15 to 18 km thick crustal section of the Gold Butte(More)