Peter W. Goss

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study was to evaluate a new rural Australian multidisciplinary model of pediatric diabetes care. METHODS In 2007, in response to insurmountable obstructions to establish an effective multidisciplinary team within the public health system, an Australian rural pediatric practice created a private multidisciplinary diabetes care(More)
OBJECTIVE Australian screening programmes for congenital dislocation of the hip (CDH) are characterized by lower neonatal hip instability (NHI) detection rates than more successful international programmes. Through creating a quality, accountable clinical screening programme for NHI detection, the present study aimed to establish the true incidence of NHI(More)
RESULTSdDuring a flight (200 mmHg pressure decrease), excess insulin delivery of 0.623% of the cartridge volume occurred (P , 0.001, Student t test). In hypobaric chamber studies, bubbles developed in the insulin when the pressure decreased and displaced the insulin out of the cartridge. Pre-existing bubbles changed in size consistent with Boyle law.(More)
OBJECTIVE Children and adults with type 1 diabetes who receive insulin pump therapy have reported hypoglycemia during air travel. We studied the effects of atmospheric pressure on insulin pump delivery. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Ten insulin pumps were connected to capillary tubes. The effects of changes in ambient pressure on insulin delivery, bubble(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare groups of urban and regional Victorian diabetic children and assess their quality of life, diabetes knowledge, access to services and metabolic control. METHODS Forty-seven children from three regional Victorian communities (Horsham, Warrnambool and Sale; n = 16, 18 and 13, respectively) were compared with 120 age-, sex- and duration(More)
INTRODUCTION Bubble formation in insulin pump giving sets is a common problem. We studied change in temperature, change in atmospheric pressure, and vibration as potential mechanisms of bubble formation. METHODS 5 Animas 2020 pumps with 2 mL cartridges and Inset II infusion systems, 5 Medtronic Paradigm pumps with 1.8 mL cartridge and Quickset and 3 Roche(More)
OBJECTIVE To present the first case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy involving self-induced preterm delivery. CLINICAL FEATURES A 27-year-old Caucasian woman induced antepartum haemorrhage and rupture of membranes with a knitting needle at 26 weeks' gestation, leading to delivery of the infant. This "prenatal child abuse" led to a prolonged intensive care(More)
Optimal management of diabetes includes a multidisciplinary team approach. Diabetes services to children and adolescents in rural settings are variable and currently there are no described models of care that compare favourably with the larger metropolitan multidisciplinary teams. The aim of this study was to explore the feasibility of a new holistic model(More)
Methods A 12 month non randomized controlled trial was performed in 2013 comprising a cohort of children, adolescents and young adults with T1DM from the immediate local region compared with a similar cohort from a region greater than 70 Km away. The local cohort continued with 3 monthly appointments and extra visits as required between appointments. The(More)