Peter W. Glynn

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We consider the standard single-server queue with unlimited waiting space and the first-in first-out service discipline, but without any explicit independence conditions on the interarrival and service times. We find conditions for the steady-state waiting-time distribution to have small-tail asymptotics of the form x − 1 logP(W > x) → − θ∗ as x → ∞ for θ∗(More)
The long-term response of coral reefs to climate change depends on the ability of reef-building coral symbioses to adapt or acclimatize to warmer temperatures, but there has been no direct evidence that such a response can occur. Here we show that corals containing unusual algal symbionts that are thermally tolerant and commonly associated with(More)
This chapter describes how difficult statistical estimation problems can often be solved efficiently by means of the cross-entropy (CE) method. The CE method can be viewed as an adaptive importance sampling procedure that uses the cross-entropy or Kullback–Leibler divergence as a measure of closeness between two sampling distributions. The CE method is(More)
Coral reef bleaching, the whitening of diverse invertebrate taxa, results from the loss of symbiotic zooxanthellae and/or a reduction in photosynthetic pigment concentrations in zooxanthellae residing within the gastrodermal tissues of host animals. Of particular concern are the consequences of bleaching of large numbers of reef-building scleractinian(More)
We consider a series of n single-server queues, each with unlimited waiting space and the first-in first-out service discipline. Initially, the system is empty; then k customers are placed in the first queue. The service times of all the customers at all the queues are i.i.d. with a general distribution. We are interested in the time D(k, n) required for(More)
The likelihood ratio method for gradient estimation is briefly surveyed. Two applications settings are described, namely Monte Carlo optimization and statistical analysis of complex stochastic systems. Steady-state gradient estimation is emphasized, and both regenerative and non-regenerative approaches are given. The paper also indicates how these methods(More)
New information on the presence and relative abundances of 41 reef-building (zooxanthellate) coral species at 11 eastern Pacific and 3 central Pacific localities is examined in a biogeographic analysis and review of the eastern Pacific coral reef region. The composition and origin of the coral fauna and other reef-associated taxa are assessed in the context(More)
We propose an algorithm to compute the set of individual (nonnegligible) Poisson probabilities, rigorously bound truncation error, and guarantee no overflow or underflow. Work and space requirements are modest, both proportional to the square root of the Poisson parameter. Our algorithm appears numerically stable. We know no other algorithm with all these(More)
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