Peter W. Downs

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Acoustic analysis of cough both in the time and frequency domain has been reported using voluntary and spontaneous cough. The main aim of this study was to discover whether such analysis of capsaicin-induced cough enables differences between normal subjects to be recognized. We present data from 13 healthy subjects (with normal lung function and no history(More)
Effective river restoration requires understanding a system’s potential to support desired functions. This can be challenging to discern in the modern landscape, where natural complexity and heterogeneity are often heavily suppressed or modified. Historical analysis is therefore a valuable tool to provide the long-term perspective on riverine patterns,(More)
THE SCHEDULING of a road transport system within a sugar mill is a complex task due to the need to effectively service several harvesters at different locations and keep a continuous supply of cane for mill processing, given a limited vehicle and trailer fleet. Mathematical programming methods provide a means to assist traffic officers to schedule the pick(More)
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