Peter W. Culicover

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In this article, we describe a program that we developed at The Ohio State University's Department of Linguistics that is geared towards foreign language learners. The goal is to teach students about language rather than about linguistics. The program has been implemented as a freshman university course (Basics of Language for Language Learners), a summer(More)
There are many logical possibilities for marking morphological features. However only some of them are attested in languages of the world, and out of them some are more frequent than others. For example, it has been observed that inflectional morphology tends to overwhelmingly involve suffixation rather than prefixation. This paper proposes an explanation(More)
1. Concept and theory Ernst Mayr notes in his book This Is Biology (Mayr 1997) that " in biology, concepts play a far greater role in theory formation than do laws. The two major contributors to a new theory in the life sciences are the discovery of new facts (observations) and the development of new concepts " (62-3). With this in mind, I would like to(More)
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