Peter Vrtačnik

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Estrogens have long been known as important regulators of the female reproductive functions; however, our understanding of the role estrogens play in the human body has changed significantly over the past years. It is now commonly accepted that estrogens and androgens have important functions in both female and male physiology and pathology. This is in part(More)
Epigenetics refers to the study of mechanisms able to influence gene expression in a stable and potentially heritable manner without altering the DNA sequence. These mechanisms include posttranslational histone modifications, miRNA-mediated post-transcriptional regulation and DNA methylation. The accumulation of molecular errors over time resulting, at(More)
A dual-channel electrical stimulation system with a stimulator and a programmer/stride analyzer was designed for clinical rehabilitation of gait and for subsequent daily use as an orthotic aid. The stimulator, with controls to adjust amplitude only (50 mA), adapts chosen stimulation sequences to the walking rate of a patient. Pulse duration (50-500(More)
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