Peter Vosshall

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Reliability at massive scale is one of the biggest challenges we face at, one of the largest e-commerce operations in the world; even the slightest outage has significant financial consequences and impacts customer trust. The platform, which provides services for many web sites worldwide, is implemented on top of an infrastructure of(More)
Quantifiability is a concept in MapReduce Analytics based on the following two conditions: (a) a mapper should be cautious, that is, should not exclude any reducer's shuffle and sort strategy from consideration; and (b) a mapper should respect the reducers' shuffle and sort preferences, that is, should deem a reducer's shuffle and sort(More)
Surprisingly, console logs rarely help operators detect problems in large-scale datacenter services, for they often consist of the voluminous intermixing of messages from many software components written by independent developers. We propose a general methodology to mine this rich source of information to automatically detect system runtime problems. We(More)
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