Peter Verheyen

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A new generation of Silicon-on-Insulator fiber-to-chip grating couplers which use a silicon overlay to enhance the directionality and thereby the coupling efficiency is presented. Devices are realized on a 200 mm wafer in a CMOS pilot line. The fabricated fiber couplers show a coupling efficiency of -1.6 dB and a 3 dB bandwidth of 80 nm.
The design and characterization of silicon-on-insulator mid-infrared spectrometers operating at 3.8 μm is reported. The devices are fabricated on 200 mm SOI wafers in a CMOS pilot line. Both arrayed waveguide grating structures and planar concave grating structures were designed and tested. Low insertion loss (1.5-2.5 dB) and good crosstalk characteristics(More)
Defect-mediated subbandgap absorption is observed in ion-implanted silicon-on-oxide waveguides that experience a rapid thermal annealing at 1075°C. With this effect, general carrier-depletion silicon modulators exhibit the capability of optical power monitoring. Responsivity is measured to be 22 mA/W for a 3 mm long Mach-Zehnder modulator of 2×10(18) cm(-3)(More)
Carrier-depletion based silicon modulators with lateral and interdigitated PN junctions are compared systematically on the same fabrication platform. The interdigitated diode is shown to outperform the lateral diode in achieving a low VπLπ of 0.62 V∙cm with comparable propagation loss at the expense of a higher depletion capacitance. The low VπLπ of the(More)
Picosecond-pulse III-V-on-silicon mode-locked lasers based on linear and ring extended cavity geometries are presented. In passive mode-locked operation a 12 kHz -3dB linewidth of the fundamental RF tone at 4.7 GHz is obtained for the linear cavity geometry and 16 kHz for the ring cavity geometry. Stabilization of the repetition rate of these devices using(More)
An anti-colliding pulse-type III-V-on-silicon passively mode-locked laser is presented for the first time based on a III-V-on-silicon distributed Bragg reflector as outcoupling mirror implemented partially underneath the III-V saturable absorber. Passive mode-locking at 4.83 GHz repetition rate generating 3 ps pulses is demonstrated. The generated(More)
Laser frequency combs, sources with a spectrum consisting of hundred thousands evenly spaced narrow lines, have an exhilarating potential for new approaches to molecular spectroscopy and sensing in the mid-infrared region. The generation of such broadband coherent sources is presently under active exploration. Technical challenges have slowed down such(More)
Mid-infrared light generation through four-wave mixing-based frequency down-conversion in a normal group velocity dispersion silicon waveguide is demonstrated. A telecom-wavelength signal is down-converted across more than 1.2 octaves using a pump at 2190 nm in a 1 cm-long waveguide. At the same time, a 13 dB on-chip parametric gain of the telecom signal is(More)
Advanced modulation formats call for suitable IQ modulators. Using the silicon-on-insulator (SOI) platform we exploit the linear electro-optic effect by functionalizing a photonic integrated circuit with an organic χ(2)-nonlinear cladding. We demonstrate that this silicon-organic hybrid (SOH) technology allows the fabrication of IQ modulators for generating(More)