Peter Van Santen

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Archaeological databases are required to store a wide range of data about archaeological objects. Multimedia, spatial and temporal requirements are placing new demands on these databases. Virtual models of archaeological sites require new storage and search facilities, including searching of 3D graphics for virtual and physical restoration of archaeological(More)
Today, individuals and institutions in science, research organization and industry are increasingly forming virtual organizations to pool resources and tackle a common objective. Massive amount of information has been passed not only confined into particular country but also spread out across the globe. Participants in virtual organizations commonly need to(More)
ii Abstract In this report a method to produce 3D ultrasound images is described. The 3D images are produced by translating a 1D linear transducer in the elevation plane, using a precise XYZ-translating system. The method is based on Synthetic Aperture and post beamforming. It is used to beamform the individual slices, increasing the resolution in the(More)
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