Peter Van Roy

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Aquarius Prolog, a high performance compiler designed and built to test the hypothesis that Prolog can be implemented as efficiently as an imperative language by compiling the more powerful features of logic programming only where they are needed, and then only in the simplest form, is described. The authors begin with some background on logic programming(More)
Chord is one of the simplest peer-to-peer systems that addresses the issue of eecient data location. Despite its simplicity, one of its main limitations remains the asymmetric organization of its routing. This leads to problems like inability to make in-place notiications of routing entry changes, and incapacity to support symmetric applications and to(More)
Constrained path problems have to do with finding paths in graphs subject to constraints. We present a constraint programming approach for solving the Ordered disjoint-paths problem (ODP), i.e., the Disjoint-paths problem where the pairs are associated with ordering constraints. In our approach, we reduce ODP to the Ordered simple path with mandatory nodes(More)
To my wife, my parents and Fray Luis Amigó y Ferrer Acknowledgments The fulfillment of this thesis would not have been possible without the contribution of: • Peter Van Roy, my supervisor, who gave me the opportunity to work as a research assistant at Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) from July 2001 until April 2005 in the MISURE project. The goal of(More)
Some of the most difficult questions to answer when designing a distributed application are related to mobility: what information to transfer between sites and when and how to transfer it. Network-transparent distribution, the property that a program's behavior is independent of how it is partitioned among sites, does not directly address these questions.(More)
In this paper we present a software toolkit for deploying peer-to-peer distributed graphical user interfaces across four dimensions: multiple displays, multiple platforms, multiple operating systems, and multiple users, either independently or concurrently. This toolkit is based on the concept of multi-purpose proxy connected to one or many rendering(More)