Peter Van Petegem

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The authors report on their experience in revision total shoulder arthroplasty using the Delta III shoulder prosthesis, a reversed constrained prosthesis which is known to give good functional results in the rotator cuff-deficient shoulder. It was implanted in patients with a failed total or hemishoulder prosthesis. The Constant-Murley score was used to(More)
The capability to learn and innovate has been recognized as a key-factor for nursing teams to deliver high quality performance. Researchers suggest there is a relation between team-learning activities and changes in nursing teams throughout the implementation of novelties. A review of the literature was conducted in regard to the relation between team(More)
CONTEXT The necessity of learning skills through "integrated skills training" at an undergraduate level has been supported by several studies. The University of Antwerp implemented undergraduate skills training in its renewed curriculum in 1998, after it was demonstrated that Flemish students did not master their medical skills as well as Dutch students who(More)
BACKGROUND Although the evidence in support of the variability of students' learning strategies has expanded in recent years, less is known about the explanatory base of these individual differences in terms of the joint influences of personal and contextual characteristics. AIMS Previous studies have often investigated how student learning is associated(More)
BACKGROUND It is often assumed that the way teachers approach their teaching is determined by the way they think about learning. This study explores how teachers of an undergraduate medical programme (UMP) think about learning, how they approach teaching and whether their conceptions of learning relate to their teaching approaches. METHODS Quantitative(More)
Over the last two decades, crucial factors for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education have improved significantly in Vietnam. Nevertheless, it is clear that, as in other countries, no educational revolution is taking place. We argue that there is a need for a broad dialogue on the future of ICT in education in Vietnam as discussion of(More)
AIMS To report a correlational study of the relation between team learning activities and implementation-effectiveness of innovations in nursing teams. BACKGROUND Non-compliance to implementation of innovations is a problem in nursing teams. In the literature, team learning is proposed as a facilitator for change. Still, studies reporting the effects of(More)
BACKGROUND Although instructional development for teachers has become an important topic in higher education, little is known about its actual impact. In particular, evidence regarding the impact of teachers' instructional development on students' perceptions of the teaching-learning environment is scarce. AIMS The impact of an instructional development(More)
The Revised Two-Factor Study Process Questionnaire (R-SPQ-2F) is used to examine students' study approaches in higher education. The questionnaire assumes to measure two factors: a deep and a surface study approach. Analyses into the validity and reliability of the original English R-SPQ-2F yielded positive results. In this study, we examined the degree to(More)
This study examines the role of teachers' expectations in the association between children's socio-economic background and achievement outcomes. Furthermore, the role of children's ethnicity in moderating this mediated relation is investigated. In the present study, 3,948 children from kindergarten are examined. Data are analysed by means of structural(More)