Peter Van Daele

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This paper studies the overall energy consumption of a pan-European optical transport network for three different time periods: today and in five and ten years from now. In each time period the pan-European network was dimensioned using traffic predictions based on realistic data generated by the optical networking roadmap developed in the framework of the(More)
Phenotypic variation is channeled by adaptation to local environments and phylogenetic constraints. The morphology of the obligatorily subterranean African mole-rats of the genus Fukomys has been shaped within the context of their underground habitat, posing particular limits on the animals' morphology. Especially the biting apparatus has likely evolved(More)
Part of the activities of the ICT EU Network of Excellence "Building the future Optical Network in Europe" (BONE) project is the development of the European Roadmap on Optical Networking in the context of the "Network of the Future". This paper presents a summary of the views of the BONE consortium as they were developed in the framework of the Roadmap(More)
BONE (Building the Future Optical Network in Europe) is a Network of Excellence funded by the European Commission through the 7th ICT-Framework Programme. The BONE-project builds on the foundations laid out by the e-Photon/ONe projects in the previous Framework Programme. This Network of Excellence has successfully brought together over several years the(More)
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