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BACKGROUND Studies investigating peroneal muscle reaction times in chronically unstable ankle joints present conflicting results. The degree of reliability and accuracy of these measurements is unknown in patients with chronic ankle instability (CAI). METHODS 40 patients with CAI and 30 healthy subjects were tested using a sudden ankle inversion of 50(More)
—High splitting, optically amplified, passive optical networks (SuperPONs) are investigated in terms of redundancy provision and protection mechanisms. Options for redundancy, including the important special case of dual homing, are detailed, and it is determined as to which of these options (duplication of the feeder and first distribution section, and + 1(More)
BACKGROUND The assessment of outcomes from the patient's perspective becomes more recognized in health care. Also in patients with chronic ankle instability, the degree of present impairments, disabilities and participation problems should be documented from the perspective of the patient. The decision about which patient-assessed instrument is most(More)
STUDY DESIGN A 2-group experimental design. OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of a cognitive dual-task on postural sway of pelvis and trunk during unstable sitting in nonspecific chronic patients with low back pain (CLBP) compared to healthy control subjects. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Higher cognitive systems as well as sensory processes contribute(More)
BACKGROUND Headache is a highly prevalent disorder. Irrespective of the headache diagnosis it is often accompanied with neck pain and -stiffness. Due to this common combination of headache and neck pain, physical treatments of the cervical spine are often considered. The additional value of these treatments to standard medical care or usual care (UC) is(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of headache disorders is not always optimal. Patients are treated in multiple ways, and the lack of scientific arguments for referral and the insufficient implementation of guidelines result in unclear treatment strategies. The coexistence of headache and neck pain can lead to the referral to a musculoskeletal physiotherapist. This(More)
The effectiveness of exercise to reduce pain and improve functioning in osteoarthritis of the knee (OAk) is well substantiated. Underlying mechanisms are still under debate and better understanding of the pathways involved may contribute to more targeted treatment strategies. The present qualitative analysis of the literature aims to provide an overview of(More)
We evaluated whether a blinded observer could identify the neck pain patients in a sample of 42 subjects consisting of neck pain patients and asymptomatic controls.The allocation of subjects to either the control or patient group was based on the scoring of a VAS scale for pain intensity, a Bournemouth Questionnaire (BQ), a manual examination of the(More)
A comparative radiological study was carried out to test the stabilizing value of ankle strapping and taping on unstable tibiotalar joints. Unstable ankle joints of 51 sportsmen were examined without bandages, with strapping, and with taping before and after an activity program. The use of taping proved to give the greatest decrease of the talar tilt angle.(More)
This study presents a specific description of forefoot deformation during the stance phase of normal human walking based on the combined analysis of pressure and three-dimensional optoelectronic measurements. Forefoot deformation is measured in forty healthy subjects using (1) a six-camera motion capture system (sampled at 250 Hz) tracking five reflective(More)